Interrupt driven workflow

It comes as no shock to most of you, but you get a lot done when you're not distracted. And these days its getting harder and harder not to fall victim to distraction.

More and more it seems that our devices distract by default. Chime, hey a tweet. Beep, oh an email. Ring ring, a phone call.

Here are some tips for a distraction free day:

Disable notifications on your phone.

I use a tasker task on my phone called dark mode, which disables all notifications from email/twitter/etc. It also kills my ringer for all but a few select individuals. I also have a weekend task that disables work related notifications on the weekend.

Disable notification center.

Just found out about this one, but if you open up notification center and scroll down, you can put it in do not disturb mode.

Open a new Chrome window.

With two Gmail accounts, one work and one personal, it's hard to ignore the 1 on the favicon begging to for attention. Minimise your email.

Close/minimise your chat apps.

Go away and minimise it. The memes you'll miss aren't that important anyways.

Have a distraction free playlist.

Find some music you can work to without having to moderate what is playing.

I'm sure I have more... what do you do?