I loathe Theoretical Web Designers

Skills: Theoretical Advanced Knowledge of HTML and CSS. I'm going to let that phrase sink in for a while. *deep breath, okay continue*

I've seen that on a resume for a Web Designer before. Unbelievable right?It is actually refreshingly honest as most Web Designers only work as theorists.

I've worked with a lot of web designers over the years. Most of them work in Photoshop and pass off their PSD's to front-end developers for the implementation. Usually, a lot of back and forth commences between the two as the front-end guy has to deal with forgotten items such as roll-overs, UX, error states, etc. Maybe the front-end guy doesn't get the PSD's until after the client has approved the designs. Good luck buddy.

This back and forth costs business a lot of money. Every project, every page comp, every client, every time. It adds up quickly. I'm putting Web Designers on notice, if you can't build your design in HTML and CSS, you're a Theoretical Web Designer (TWD).

TWDs can and will do anything. Their world is a blank canvas. Who cares if the whole site is two columns, on this new section, I want four. Who cares if this page is 1024 px wide but the whole site is 960 px, the client has already approved it!

Besides time wasted, TWDs hurt in other ways. They foster code bloat, excess templates, poor user experience and bad practices, which go on to affect SEO, high availability and front-end performance.

I'm tired of TWDs and an industry that supports them. I want a real Web Designer, who gets their hands dirty with HTML, CSS, and jQuery. Maybe a person who doesn't even use Photoshop! Maybe, if it isn't too much to ask, a person who knows a framework like Drupal or Wordpress and be competent at working with them.

I'm sure you real Web Designers are all employed and well paid because you're hard to find. Really hard to find.

In the end, we ended up passing on this resume, we didn't want to waste our time with a TWD.

TWDs all is not lost. Quit your copy of Adobe Muse, you've got some learning to do so get to it.